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In a such enchanting environment, do not only play role the flavour of dinner and the atmosphere, but important role have and the wine that accompanies and supplements the moments. The restaurant Petrino has it demonstrates the bigger list of Greek wines of quality, from each other restaurant in Dodekanisa. It covers 20 varieties of grape and 120 different goods of exceptional wine from been famous wine makings regions of Greece.


That's why it exists adviser of wine, that has the knowledge for the all labels that allocates the wine-cellar of restaurant. He is every willing it collaborates together you who wine suits better with the various dishes, but also it exchanges opinions with somebodies that allocate high training and are interested to hear that it is the flavour of wine, who is the producer, who it is the variety of grape by which it is produced.


Our customers seek the originality, want they try something extraordinary to combine the dish. If for your dinner you have certain personal wish for wine from selected vineyard of Greek ground you can communicate together us and we will see to you satisfy.


Be left in unique enjoyments that are made with mastery and are based only on seasonal products of ground but also sea of Kos. The wealth of raw material offers in called a abundance of Greek flavours. The modern creative cooker here presents, traditional dishes of island always with deep respect in the past. Certain of the dishes of menu that they distinguish include fresh chosen marine flavours and exquisite filet from young calf.


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